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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sell it to me FAST baby...

Sometimes stating the obvious is a requirement. People are impatient. They want information and they want it now. Consider the thousands of online and offline media choices customers have to collect and evaluate information. The new media world isn't a place for the faint of heart.

Now more than ever, the 'communicate only one idea' and sell it in a unique way - is the golden rule if you have any chance of breaking through and holding a viewer's attention - regardless of the medium.

The new stopping power for "interruption selling" on traditional media such as television, has to be using innovative visual treatments that have never been seen before - to stop a viewer dead in their tracks...Think Apple iPod dancing. Think Sprint Ahead light effects. Think Xbox anything. These spots all have one thing in common - a singular idea with a powerful graphic treatment to grab the viewer's attention.

"Go ahead..." viewers are saying... but if you don't hold me with a stirring visual, a laugh, a gasp, and stop me from instintively reaching for the remote ... more than likely your spot will be reduced to 3 seconds of fast forwarded images.

Got it.

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